During Mixer’s new Fortnite tournament, Ninja Battles

During Mixer’s new Fortnite tournament, Ninja Battles, TSM’s Anthony ‘ZexRow’ Colandro made some rather inappropriate comments which earned him the boot from this and future tournaments. The tournament was hosted by none other than Ninja, who personally delivered the news of the ban to ZexRow with a tweet congratulating the contestant on his first and last Ninja Battle placement.

The issue happened during a post match interview with ZexRow. When asked if he wanted to make any shoutouts about upcoming projects, ZexRow revealed that he didn’t have anything going on, but further shared his thoughts about the rest of the competition in the Fortnite tournament.Continue Scrolling To Keep ReadingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.START NOW

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During his rant, ZexRow made such drastic comments as to call anyone who didn’t place top 10 “brain dead,” telling them to “suck my ****” because they are “trash.” Ninja was clearly taken aback by this at the time, as he audibly urges ZexRow to stop and clearly seems embarrassed.

Following the match, Ninja informed ZexRow that he would not be participating in any future Ninja Battles, and ZexRow eventually issued a formal apology. Unfortunately, this fortnite v bucks generator apology seems somewhat half-hearted, as although the streamer acknowledges that his behavior was inappropriate and the result of a lapse in judgement, he still seems to only think it was a problem because kids could be watching rather than understanding that the behavior itself is problematic.

Furthermore, ZexRow has made comments about potentially leaving TSM (Team SoloMid), claiming that he has been something of a “PR nightmare” for the team. Actually, TSM has issued a response to the situation as well, revealing that as punishment it has fined ZexRow one month’s salary. Rather than keeping this money for itself, however, it is being donated to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, an organization which supports young people. Still, TSM claims that ZexRow is a valuable part of its team, and as such it will be providing ZexRow with professional counseling and training to help him behave in a manner which is more in line with TSM’s beliefs.

Although a lot of streamers are banned from things for the silliest reasons, this seems justified. Using that kind of language and making those comments was simply unnecessary, and it is good to see that action is being taken against him. Hopefully ZexRow grows from this experience and becomes a better person in the long run.

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