Fortnite is arguably the father of the ever-popular “Battle Pass

During the month of May, Chapter 2 Season 3 is postponed again. The problems encountered by Fortnite in competition and the arrival of Valorant finally convinced Kinstaar to retire — at least temporarily. The Solary player only played Riot’s new FPS and didn’t touch the battle royale anymore.

Fortnite is arguably the father of the ever-popular “Battle Pass”. An in-game purchase that grants the player the opportunity to unlock in-game loot by leveling up. Each level progresses the player up another tier on the Battle Pass which in turn rewards the player with loot like skins, emotes, glider, you name it. And Fortnite is one of a few games that actually do it right.

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Fortnite releases a new Battle Pass with every new season. The Battle Pass is 100 tiers of high-quality loot, and even in-game currency (enough to purchase the next battle pass). A great addition to the game is the ability to gift the Battle Pass to another player. This allows content creators to do giveaways but it also allows players to coerce their friends into playing with them. Here is how a player can gift someone a Battle Pass.

Finding Friends In Fortnite

The first step in gifting someone the Battle Pass is by adding them as a friend. One of the requirements of gifting anybody anything in Fortnite is that they have to be either an Epic free v bucks codes Friend or a Fortnite friend. This keeps players from gifting random people skins via there username. If you are wanting to gift a player a Battle Pass chances are you are already friends with them on Fortnite, but just in case you aren’t here is how to add them.

To add someone as a friend on Fortnite, navigate your way to the Social tab in the settings menu by either clicking the setting icon on the screen or by pressing start on the controller while in the lobby. From there go to the “Add Friends” option. Here you will have multiple options when it comes to adding friends. You can either add them via their username, add suggested friends, or add friends who have invited you to be their friends.

In order for a friend request to be complete, the user will need to accept the friend request. If they do not accept you will not be able to send them gifts.

Gifting The Battle Pass On Fortnite

To gift a friend the Battle Pass navigate your way to the Battle Pass menu and select Battle Pass. This is the screen that shows players what rewards they can earn at what tier. In the top left corner, there will be an option to gift a Battle Pass to one of your friends. Note this option is not available on mobile devices, it is only available to those on PC and console.

Select the option to gift a battle pass and then select a friend, or friends, you would like to gift a Battle Pass to. You can select up to 5 friends to gift a Battle Pass to, and you are limited to 5 friends a day.

The Battle Pass costs 950 v-bucks or $9.50 to purchase for a friend. After you have selected a friend(s) to gift the Battle Pass to you will be asked to check-out. The next time the player the gift was sent to logs on to Fortnite, or whenever they return to the Lobby next they will be greeted by a gift box that holds the Battle Pass inside.


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Finally, the arrival of the new season have been enough to give the Swiss player a boost. He has recently announced that he was looking for teammates for future competitions.

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