Fortnite made an historic $1.8 billion in 2019, making it the highest earning video game

Fortnite made an historic $1.8 billion in 2019, making it the highest earning video game for the second year in a row. Its huge income of cash is largely thanks to its format as well as Epic Games’ limited time collaborations with newly released blockbuster movies. One of the more recent crossovers was with Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker, and this article will inform you of when the thematically added lightsabers are likely to be removed from the Battle Royale title.

The introduction of lightsabers in Fortnite has been massively divisive. While some love the inclusion of the iconic weapon simply because they’re flashy and from Star Wars, others have been begging for Epic Games to remove the tool because of them being bugged.

Well, for those are who severely unhappy with the inclusion of lightsabers, the good news is that they’re likely to be removed very soon.

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When is Fortnite taking out lightsabers?
Lightsabers will be removed from default modes in Fortnite on January 7th.
Epic v buck generator Games haven’t confirmed this is when the iconic Star Wars weapon will be removed, but hopefully it happens as the novelty has worn off for most people.

Ninja has begged for lightsabers to be removed thanks to them having been “bugged” from the beginning, and others have echoed his annoyance by venting their frustrations on Twitter.

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Anyone have word on when the lightsabers will be gone? Sick of all these talentless pole smokers abusing it. God knows they can’t win without it but how’s that our problem? Simple get good or GTFO. #Fortnite

Three epic weapons (none of which are fast weapons. Tac, Sniper, pistol) – not enough to stun someone with a saber. Of course I die because I have no rockets or snowball launchers. This is after killing 5.

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