Roblox now claims 100 million MAUs compared to 90 million for Minecraft.

the team at Roblox would rather it be called a platform than a game, as their mission is to build a place where users can create their own games.

“Bringing the world together through play” is the company motto to this day.

Again, flying under the public radar, Roblox invested in a global infrastructure that includes data centres across the world, as well as its own fibre network.

Given the size of the engineering project, the team is full of engineers, rather than games developers. Game creation is for the users.

Speaking to, Roblox vice president of marketing and digital civility Tami Bhaumik says it wasn’t until 2015 that the game really started seeing an acceleration in growth.

Roblox now claims 100 million MAUs compared to 90 million for Minecraft.

She points to a number of elements that game together to create the perfect storm. One of those was the introduction of free robux hack generator, an in-game currency that players can use to spend on content.

By joining Roblox DevEx, developers creating games in the platform can convert their Robux earnings – which is generated from payments by other players – to real money.

Explosive growth

The aforementioned investment in servers and global expansion has also sparked global growth, while the rise of YouTubers playing the title have helped attract a wave of fans.

“There were many different variables that happened all at once,” says Bhaumik. “There was this confluence of events so there was not one singular thing that happened back in 2015.”

As the title’s popularity increased, so the company itself began rapidly expanding. It’s raised a total of $185 million, including $150 million in a Series F funding round in 2018.

As Bhaumik notes, when she joined the company just three years ago in 2016 it employed 100 staff. It now houses 500 employees.

In the summer Roblox hit 100 million monthly active users and the number of hours of engagement has passed 1.2 billion.

For context, during the recent Roblox Developers Conference, the company’s CEO David Baszucki claimed users spent three-times as much time playing and engaging with Roblox as they do with physical LEGO all around the world.

There are currently over 50 million games on the Roblox platform.

Young, not dumb

What’s more, this explosive growth of players has seen a new generation of young game creators building games played by thousands, even millions of players.

Nine titles have generated over one billion gameplays, while 2,607 games have hit more than one million.

Roblox hopes to pay out $100 million to its creators during 2019. Many are under 18 years old.

What’s more, they’re making real money – some bringing in six to seven figure sums. The company hopes to pay out $100 million to its creators during 2019.

And the majority of these young creators are just that, kids and teenagers. Many of the creators building games and making money are under 18.

By 2022, the company has a bold goal of seeing a studio on the platform hitting $40 to $50 million revenue a year, possibly employing as many as 100 staff.

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