There’s a new glitch in Fortnite that will allow you to place an invincible Damage Trap!

It’s been a busy month for unintended exploits, with a couple of crazy zero fall damage tricks, invisible walls and more. Well, now you can surprise your enemies with an unbreakable trap.

I first saw this new move showcased by Reddit user rg_elitezx, and now popular Fortnite tips and tricks creator OrangeGuy has made a video tutorial. It’s pretty simple to get the hang of, just a case of timing.

Usually when you place a trap, it can be destroyed fairly quickly either with a pickaxe or gun. When performed correctly, this glitch will mean the trap is completely invincible. Be aware that the effect will wear off if you pull your trap out again.

All you have to do is place the trap and instantly switch to the floor. I wouldn’t recommend using this in-game, and fortnite v buck generator even if you did it probably isn’t particularly useful. If you tried this exploit mid fight it could well get you in trouble, and it’s quite rare that anyone tries to break a trap you place on the floor anyway. Normally they will try and escape another way.

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